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Gemilang Grafika

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Gemilang Grafika (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Offset Printing Starting from 1997 with a multilith printing machine for printing company profiles, yearbook printing, company folder printing, transparent sticker printing, memorandum and application forms. Gemilang Grafika develops into an offset printing which works together with a printing business that is mushrooming in Jakarta.

With the continuity of production between printing and the world of advertising / advertising, then in 1998, we opened an advertising division with the name "Gemilang Grafika Studio", which occupies a building in the Grogol region, specializing in the production of banners, banners, signage, bill boards, cars panels, etc.

In 2000 in accordance with government policy, we developed ourselves by opening a form of business entity that is "CV. Gemilang Grafika ". After the world of advertising and printing that we are pioneering is growing rapidly, so it needs more serious handling, so we decided to focus on one of our production fields, and we chose printing as the focus of our business.

In serving the ever-changing dynamic market share, we always strive to provide 3 Extra services, namely Extra fast, Extra good and with Extra competitive prices. So that our presence in the printing world, and can be a business partner that can be trusted. May our days be blessed by God.


Menjadi Perusahaan Jasa Cetak Terbaik di Jakarta Dengan Kualitas Terbaik Kompetitif dan Harga Murah


Selalu Berinovasi Dalam Menyediakan Jasa Cetak Dengan Teknologi Terbaru Untuk Memaksimalkan Layanan Terbaik Untuk Client Kami


Kami melayani jasa dan layanan cetak brosur, cetak undangan pernikahan, cetak luxury box, barang promosi, cetak spanduk, souvenir promosi dengan harga murah terbaik dan terlengkap


Jl. Jelambar selatan XVII J No. 12 ( d/h pakuwon Blok A No. 12 ) Jelambar Jakarta Barat 11460 Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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