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Specifications Print Calendar 2018 Print Calendar 2019 Already does not feel the time keeps running until 2018 now want to switch in 2019. All agendas and activities in this soon in the note in the report. The report that will be reported to all parties to the company management. All agendas and activities will not be separated from the calendar. The Calendar Function, One of the functions of the calendar is as a reminder or perhitungan day by day, week to week and month to month. Calendars can also be as a report to view activities already done even that will be done. The calendar is divided into two parts, the first wall calendar. This wall calendar of ordinary we see in the Paste on the walls of homes, offices and places of worship. This public nature of his calendar can look carefully at public places. Different things with a more individual desk calendar. Tok print wall calendars 2018 which will come a bit later, our scintillating graphics as a printing company that is able to print the calendar wall and desk calendar with large quantities. 2019 desk calendar usually contains a report of activities and as a brief profile of a company. Print Calendar 2018 The printing of the glorious graphics printing is located in West jakarta. That meet all your company's promotional purposes. One of the media promotion p

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